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Yacht Care, Over-wintering, Guardianage, Cleaning plans and Concierge.



Train on your own yacht, a bespoke system tailored to your exact needs.


Yacht Charter

The Yacht Care team know everyone in the charter world. Whether you want a bunk on a charter yacht or to charter a 30 meter super yacht (motor or sail), we can arrange a bespoke charter to suit your needs.


Yacht Maintenance & Refit

We are fully equipped to handle any issue. Our experience over 20 years enables us to resolve any issue in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Crew Care

Our in-house crew agency enables us to find the exact person you are looking for. Our crew database consists only of international crew based in Greece.

About Adam Cosgrove and Yacht Care Greece

Yacht Care was created by Adam Cosgrove. A fully qualified British Marine Engineer and Skipper specialising in Princess and Oyster Yachts. Is now based in Athens Greece.

Adam has specialised in the build, production, refit and maintenance of Princess and Oyster yachts over the last 20 years. He has been involved with Open 60 and high-end yacht racing as well as the building of super yachts up to 91 meters. Adam has hundreds of thousands of nautical miles under his belt, having skippered solo as part of a team and crew. His love for the sea and marine engineering have evolved and combined to enable him to detect any issues your yacht may have.

Adam specialises in Princess and Oyster yachts, and has worked for these companies over the years as both Engineer and Captain. As a test engineer,  he has had the final say as to whether a yacht is suitable to go from the build yard to the owner, testing every piece of mechanical equipment on board to ensure the new owner gets a vessel that is structurally and mechanically sound.

Any defects no matter how small, are noted and rectified. If there were to be any issues further down the line, all responsibility rests with Adam. Therefore, his knowledge is second to none. In order to do this type of job, Adam has developed an active current knowledge of every conceivable system and construction method used in modern yachting.

His knowledge of both power and sailing yachts and all technologies for all types of yachts, racing yachts or leisure yachts, whether built from wood, fiberglass or carbon – is unparalleled. Having grown up with a 37-foot classic yacht, taught to sail, navigate, maintain and operate vessels from a very early age by his grandfather, has given him the good base on which he has build the thorough knowledge he has today.

Yacht Care concentrates on 5 main elements –

In house team and the best of the local technicians and engineers.

We endeavor to be on time all the time at Yacht Care we care about your time all the time.

In our preparation and execution of any job big or small.

In everything we do to save your time and money.

At yacht care we realise your yacht could be your home or place of work -we care for your privacy and protection at all times.

Client Testimonials

Mardor it is a project of Umberto Felci, 71 feet. It’s a mini - series of 5 boats with the same hull, but different deck and interiors. We first met Adam in the summer of 2018. When were we were in desperate need for a  versatile stew / deck. Adam listened to our exact requirements. After meeting with us on our yacht he immediately took an understanding for our expectations, the high level the yacht is kept to and how we operate as a family not as a paid crew.  He provided us with 2 CV's suggesting only one he deemed to be suitable for us. She was a available immediately for an interview and  was employed immediately. She was perfect in all ways. This year after we tried sourcing our own seasonal stewardess and  unfortunately failed leaving us one crew member down . After months of searching we were unable to find any one and by chance came across Adam again who gave us one CV again. She is also perfect. With in a week she was aboard and we are very happy with her. Adam’s fee was very fair considering how hard it is to understand and read in between the lines of a CV. If your stuck for crew in Greece why not contact Adam he is very care full with his selection


Several years ago after I had owned Margret Anne a 29m a Ed Dubious sloop for 2 years. We did not have a crew and were getting ready for charters. We did not have the correct infrastructure to comply for MCA charter rules and the yacht was not in any mechanical or aesthetical state for a charter. We had 2 weeks until a booked charter was to arrive. Adam resolved the MCA issues, made the yacht look like new and made everything so it was in perfect working order. We did not have a complete crew, I made Adam the Captain/ Engineer on the registry as he held the necessary qualifications. We had a stew first mate and a deck hand. Unfortunately, the chef did not turn up at the last minute, so Adam was Captain, Chef and Engineer for that weeks first charter. The reviews were amazing, the charter created more charters with the same client and recommendations created new charter clients. Adam organisational abilities and diverse skill set enabled this to happen. I would highly recommend the service of Yacht Care. Werner Staringer 2016 (Owner of Margret Anne 29m)

Werner Staringer

Owner Margret Anne 29m
Shout out to Yacht Care Greece's Adam Cosgrove for managing a new round of repairs on Wanderful while I was in Houston... Out of the water again for a repair where the bowthruster tube was installed incorrectly 8 years ago... also an in mast furling main that repeatedly got stuck half way out.. replacement of the very worn furler bearing and loosening the vang and topping lift till they were almost completely off fixed the issue. Also changed out the boom Cart to a ball bearing system which slides soooo much better Thanks Adam for getting everything done on time. And dealing with Athens Port Police to secure a Transit Log out of them. And saving me from a huge fine.

Kyle Edwards

Owner Beneteau 45

If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!

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