Yacht Care


In the absence of yacht owners or Captains on board, Yacht Care offers a comprehensive and complete maintenance scheme comprising of: daily checking of mooring lines; regular running of engines; checking oil, fuel and water tank levels; battery maintenance and charge monitoring; bilge checking and pumping as necessary; de-humidifying (if required) and weekly interior airing. On agreement, our crew will monitor mooring lines 24 hours a day for the duration of extended periods of bad weather. This can include on-board night watches, available on request. Please note that a full handover of all yacht systems is required before the departure of the yacht owner or Captain.

A bespoke plan is created to suit each individual vessel. Like people, all yachts are different. Even yachts from the same producers with identical specifications can have their individual hidden secrets. It is therefore important to have as much knowledge as possible. We insist on internal and external checks on a daily basis.   


As a part of each bespoke plan we use our experienced team dedicated to cleaning all types of hull builds. Just chose the program that suits your needs, from a wash-down after a day sail, to a thorough interior clean every week. All products used are eco-friendly and biodegradable. In addition to routine washing of craft, we also specialize in periodical :


  • Gel-coat oxidation treatment and polishing, brass and stainless polishing as well as bilge and engine room cleaning.
  • Teak deck solutions.
  • Polishing and Nano coating
  • Hull cleaning in the water, using our professional divers yacht care ensure we look after the antifoul, keeping the props clean. We offer high pressure hull cleaning whilst in the water.
  • Glass polishing solutions
  • Stainless steel polishing solutions
  • Mast and rig Cleaning
  • Sail removal, repair and cleaning. We take picture of each area we consider to be a problem and send them to you for you to decide, rather like a survey of your sales.
  • Interior fabric cleaning
  • All laundry
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Carpets
  • Engine rooms and bildges


Everyone at Yacht Care has been employed in the superyacht world and our team is expert in all disciplines. Cleaning and yacht care are just the beginning of the service we offer.


All yachts, large or small require regular maintenance to ensure all systems are working correctly. Engines, electronics, pumps, hydraulics and accessories all need to be checked to insure they are working correctly when needed. The larger a boat, the more systems there are to check, therefore we customize our system checks to each individual vessel to insure you receive the right services for your vessel and your budget.

Using the right people and product in the correct way is imperative. Adam started his career on deck learning about every product available on the market, our product knowledge is passed on to our team, Adam still works with each person until he is satisfied, they are 100% competent because a little mistake could lead to a big disaster. Adam is also a strong believer in not asking someone to do some thing that you are not prepared to do his self.


At Yacht Care, we know how important it is for you to enjoy using your leisure time on-board and not just fixing and cleaning your vessel. Yacht Care knows how time-consuming it can be to fully prepare a vessel for an outing. Let us take care of all those preparations so that you and your guests simply board and set out. You don’t have to worry about packing and unpacking. Tell us how many guests there are and we will prepare the vessel with linen, towels and even suncream. Our in-house chefs will prepare lunches to suit any budget, with your choice of wine, champagne, soft drinks and snacks. We’ll even deliver the Sunday papers for you to maximize your down time, knowing that all =details have been taken care of. Preparations include a full wash down and interior clean, oil level check-up, fuel and water tank top-up and systems check. On your return, we provide an end-of-day rinse off, interior clean, systems shut down, rubbish removal and laundry service. We also take care of taxi transfers, restaurant or hotel bookings and pretty much anything else you could possibly need or want.

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